I was just looking for the PSA commercial about the statue of the athlete crumbling from drug use, and found this from a NYT article by Taylor Kepner from January 2008:

Now baseball is trying to stamp out steroid use and prove to the public that it is serious in its mission. Watching the Schmidt ad makes me wonder why no players have been used in anti-steroid advertisements.

Imagine the impact of David Wright or Alex Rodriguez staring into the camera and reading from Schmidt’s basic script: “I don’t need steroids. … If you’re into steroids, get off it. You’re living a lie.”

Well, maybe not A-Rod, come to think of it.

I’ve wondered the same thing, especially after the deal with the players union in March 2008 stipulated that players and the MLBPA get involved in drug-prevention outreach.  Since then, I’ve heard ONE RADIO SPOT of Derek Jeter talking vaguely about the influence of his parents on making right decisions, and virtually nothing else from players telling kids to not use drugs to become better ballplayers.

Am I wrong about this?  Has anyone else heard anything on the subject?  Going to ballparks with Joe these last two seasons, I’ve been struck by the sheer silence of the players on the steroids issue. Why aren’t they out there saying, “We’re clean, and we want you to know it?”


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