Baseball Books for Kids

Joe and I have been neck-deep in baseball books lately.  For a school project, he began to read the series by Dan Gutman that began with Honus & Me and continues with a whole bunch of books where a kid named Joe can magically

Testing the Ice, by Sharon Robinson

go back into time to interact with the likes of Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.  I read a couple of them, and although it’s hard for me to get past a whopper of a children’s book device (“Mom, I’m going back in time.”  “Well make sure you bring some warm clothes and a sandwich!”), the historical details were great and the stories moved along.  Joe loves them.  Also just saw this review for “Testing the Ice,” a book by Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon, that talks about her dad’s fear of swimming and tells his story in a way that kids will enjoy.  Joe would like that one, too, and it might just wind up in his stocking.  He has gotten tons of mileage out of “Players of Cooperstown: Baseball’s Hall of Fame,” a big, oversized volume that we found at a garage sale that devotes two pages to every player inducted into the Hall of Fame until about 1998, with bios and stats that he memorizes.  And BoSox fans will enjoy “Fenway: A Biography in Words and Pictures” by Boston newspaper columnist Dan Shaughnessy, although the essays are more geared for adults.  Joe digs the pictures and the memories it brings of our own visit to Fenway.

Happy reading.


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