Cadaco All-Star Baseball

When I was 12 years old, in 1969, I received a gift of Cadaco All-Star Baseball for Christmas, and my life changed.  It was a great simulation, played with round discs that represented the real-life stats of MLB ballplayers; you put the disk into a spinner, spun the needle, and it would tell you if the player had a single, ground-out, K, bb, etc.  Played out over 162 games, the stats were remarkably similar to real-life.  I had Lou Brock, Rico Petrocelli, George Scott, Bob Gibson, Mickey Lolich and 100 others, and I set up leagues and played maniacally.  I found a version of it on eBay a few years ago and snapped it up for myself, and now Joe has a modern version of the game with present-day ballplayers.

Cadaco All-Star Baseball

It’s good to see that people are still playing ASB, and of course, writing about it on the web:

Joe and I played a memorable game a couple of years ago on a Holland America cruise ship in the middle of the ocean.  Babe Ruth hit a grand-slam in the bottom of the 10th for my team to beat Steve Carlton and overcome 3 HRs by Ted Williams.

Great game, and highly recommended.


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  1. joe

    Thanks for the link and taking a look at the ASB site! Always happy to find someone who enjoys the game.

    I placed a link to your site on the links page (hope that is cool).

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