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As a father, I’m very pleased that Mark McGwire came clean about his rampant steroid use during his record-setting career.  I was particularly touched by the anguish he expressed in telling his son and family that he had used drugs throughout his time in MLB ball; could it possibly be true that they didn’t know about it, or ask him about it privately?  It sure seemed that way from the interview with Costas.  This is a long time coming, and needed to be said, especially now that McGwire is re-entering the game as a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals.

What I didn’t hear McGwire say, and what I hope will come out soon, is a direct statement to my kid and other kids that taking drugs is wrong, steroids are very dangerous, and they should do as he says, not as he did.  McGwire follows the A-Rod approach by saying, “I was stupid and shouldn’t have done it,” but stops short of really talking about how harmful these drugs can be, particularly to growing bodies.

Still, I applaud McGwire’s honesty and willingness to face this head-on.  One hopes that it will pave the way for Bonds, Sosa, and about 150 other ballplayers to come forward and unite against drugs.


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