Jim Gullo is an author and journalist who lives in McMinnville, Oregon with wife Kris and sons Joe (now 11) and Henry (2 1/2 and a budding baseball star in his own right; the kid can hurl!).  Son Mike (22) is a professional jazz musician based in New York.

This blog is the result of two seasons worth of exploring baseball with Joe after we realized that baseball itself wasn’t going to answer some very obvious questions that a 7-year old raises about drugs in baseball:  Wasn’t it cheating to use steroids?  Wasn’t it bad for the players?  Shouldn’t Bonds’ record be stricken from the books?  Our journey is documented in a book that I recently completed entitled, “TRADING MANNY: How a Father and Son Learned to Love Baseball Again.”  (Publication date: March 12, 2012, from Da Capo Press.)

You can read some of “Manny” and see more of my work at www.jimgullo.com.

Thanks, and see you at the ballpark.


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